Monday, May 11, 2009

Fran Sancisco

Hey everybody! We haven't forgotten about the blog, we've just been in the car all the time, and I can't make posts when we're on the road. We still haven't written about San Francisco yet. The first day we got there, we went to Pier 39 in Fisherman's wharf. How did we get there? We took a trolley! =D It was an interesting experience. The workers weren't exactly cheerful. And they could tell we were obviously not used to doing it...You can hang off the side of the trolley, so that when you pass another trolley, you are INCHES away from getting ripped to pieces. Mom and dad did it. The roads here are SO steep! I don't know how these people climb up them all the time! There were tons of double-decker buses. We never got to ride one though. It was foggy off and on pretty much the whole time we were there. At the wharf, there was about every kind of store you could think of. There was also a double-decker carousel. There were a million different restaurants. We walked around and had lunch. We went inside an awesome crazy hat store. :) There was also a store called "Chocolate Heaven." OH MY GOSH. It was incredible! We went back to the hotel and ordered room service for dinner! The next day was our official touring day. We took an all day tour. First we went on a ferry. We could see Alcatraz. As much as I begged,mom and dad wouldn't let us drop Spenser off there. We never really got to see Alcatraz up close, but it still looked pretty freaky. We landed in Sausalito and looked around and had lunch at a pizza place. Then we met with our tour guide and rode a bus all around San Fran.

We went across the Golden Gate Bridge.You really couldn't see the whole bridge though, because of all the fog. We went to a beautiful place called the Palace of Fine Arts. We also went to the Golden Gate Park. We rode around a lot more, then we stopped and went inside an amazing cathedral. It was my first time seeing one on the inside. We were allowed to take pictures. The stained glass was my favorite part. It was awesome!! I won't add pictures since we already have a few. There were also lots of paintings on the walls. We saw Lombard street (the most crooked street in the world). We obviously couldn't go down it on a bus. We had to go down a BIG hill. Thankfully, we didn't have to go UP one. We went to Chinatown. That was sometimes cool and sometimes creepy. The tour ended after that. We went back to the hotel. We were SO tired from walking down all those hills! We liked Pier 39 so much that we went back there for a seafood dinner. The next day was the day we were leaving. Of course, that was the day with the best weather. You could see the Golden Gate Bridge perfectly and we were able to take some good pics. We decided to drive our van down Lombard street. We then left for Yosemite. We got to drive through it a little bit that day, since it wasn't too far away. There are a bunch of cool waterfalls. The next day, we went through Mariposa Grove to see all the GINORMOUS sequoia trees. Mom really liked the one named "The Grizzly". Again, you have to be there to really get how huge they are. We went under a tunnel tree. We did do a hike to the bottom of one of the waterfalls. It was really cool, because when you walk across the bridge at the bottom, you get really wet!! :) It was fun. After the waterfall, we went back to the hotel for a swim in one of the many heated pools. We got up at around 5:00 the next morning to leave for Morgan, Utah where we visited with our friends the Streubers. We were in the car for about 18 hours! Next on our route is The Grand Tetons. :) Post you later!

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