Saturday, April 25, 2009

Remember the Alamo!

Hello again! We're now about one-fourth into our trip. It seems to be going by really fast! Yesterday, the first thing we did was the IMAX theater. We saw a movie about the Alamo. It was really good, but it was sad too. :( After the movie, we went to the real Alamo. It was really cool. There was a beautiful garden outside of it. After that, was the most awesome parade ever! It's obviously a huge deal, because people go out there as early as 2 days before the parade to camp out so they'll have seats! It was 3 hours long! There were thousands of people there. We surprisingly got front row seats. :)There was TONS of confetti. There were dozens of "parade princesses" on big floats. But there was something different about them. Every time one would go by, everyone would yell,"Show us your shoes!!", and they would stick their feet out so we could see their shoes. They didn't have fancy shoes on. They were wearing cowboy (cowgirl) boots. Unfortunately, something tragic happened during the parade. The giant Mr. Potato Head balloon hit a tree on it's way by us, and popped! There were tons and tons of horses. After the horses, the pooper scoopers would walk by. They were SO funny! They'd jump around like crazy and scream," Woooo!! Pooper scoopers rock!!!" :) After the parade, we made our way through the crowded street back to the hotel to rest. When we were fully re-charged, we went to the Riverwalk again. But this time, it was at night. The Riverwalk is really cool looking at nighttime. There are tons of lights strung all over the place. We ate dinner at a place called Casa Rio. It was awesome! Especially because we were eating right next to the water. Ducks would waddle right up to your feet. Of course, we had to feed them leftover chips.:) There were Mariachis playing instruments and singing on riverboats going by. Even though we'd already done the riverboat ride the day before, we REALLY wanted to do it at night so we could see all the lights. So we rode one again.=D It was worth it. After the ride, we went back to the hotel. We were all exhausted! We got up this morning, and began ANOTHER long journey to Santa Rosa, New Mexico. We didn't make it all the way there though. But we're leaving tomorrow after church. We're now in a HUGE suite though, and it is amazing! We all love it. It has three rooms! Post ya later!

Who ya gonna call? POOPER SCOOPERS!!


  1. I love the blog and all the great pictures and details! I wish i could join in on the field trip. I love mom's cute belly too!

  2. Sarah Stein (BFF)April 26, 2009 at 4:28 PM

    Love the pictures! Keep taking more and more! I love you and miss all of you guys!

  3. Oh, I've always wanted to see the Riverwalk. Someday.

    Looks like you're having a good time!

  4. You are making me miss all of these places I have lived! What did you think of San Antonio? When we were there I thought I'd die from the humidity. I guess it would be old hat for you guys!