Monday, April 20, 2009

New Orleans

The view from the roof

Hello again! Sunday we went to church in Norcross, then just hung out, caught up on journal writing, and read. Then yesterday morning,(Monday morning) we got up fairly early,ate,packed,and checked out. We stopped by The Varsity for a second breakfast of hot dogs on our way out of Georgia. We traveled for 8 hours yesterday! Well technically it was only about 7 since we entered Central time zone. We passed through 4 states! Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. And we saw tons of dead armadillos on the side of the road. Sorry to give you that visual, but mom and dad REALLY wanted me to mention it.:) You can still see a bunch of damage from Katrina. I was terrified the whole time we were outside, just because of the scary environment and creepy people.:O There are certainly a lot of...interesting things to see. For example, I saw a woman walking around with a huge snake around her neck. After looking for a hotel forever, we finally found one that was awesome. It's called The Drury. It is so cool! The lobby is beautiful. It has a big fancy piano and a snack bar that serves free nachos, popcorn, and soda. The front desk manager (Lance) was awesome! He knocked off some of the expense,(telling him mom was pregnant helped:) moved his car so we could have his parking space, and was just really nice. He grew up in New Orleans, so he was here when they had Katrina, and he told us all about it. So we walked to a restaurant for 10 minutes, then decided we didn't want to eat there. Then we went to Quizno's subs, and they were closed. So we just came back to the room for granola and cereal for dinner.Then when we were done, we got into our bathing suits, and went to the pool and hot tub. Oh yeah...did I mention it's on the roof?! It was so much fun. We came back, got dressed and went to bed. I'll write about today tomorrow, cause I've already typed a really long post, and we're going to bed now. Good night!
Another roof view The amazing rooftop pool

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