Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Get your kicks on Route 66!

Editor's note: This blog is from yesterday, (April 28th) we just never had time to publish it. We'll write today's blog tomorrow. Hope that isn't TOO confusing. :) Oh, and 1 more thing. Even though we're going through many states that have reported cases of the swine flu, none of us have gotten it...yet. But Logan askes us every few minutes,"Are we going to get the swine??"

Hola! Guess where we are now? The Grand Canyon! Sort of. We're in our hotel close by the entrance. But first, I have to tell you about the past 3 days. Sunday, we went to church in a tiny little branch in Pecos, TX. The chapel was the size of most primary rooms. After church, we changed and hit the road. We went through Roswell, New Mexico, where there are alien decorations everywhere.

We traveled for about 7 hours. We stopped in Santa Rosa. This is where we picked up Route 66, made even more famous by the movie "Cars. The next day, we FINALLY got to sleep in a little bit. Before leaving Santa Rosa, we stopped by a place you may have heard of called "The Blue Hole." It was really cool. It's a sinkhole, it's 81 feet deep, and the temperature is a constant 61 degrees F. But one of the really cool things about it, is that you can actually jump in! There wasn't really any kind of a barrier between you and the water, so you could easily jump in and drown. And we happened
to get there when a guy named Scott was going to jump in! We took pictures of him jumping in. It was so fun to watch. Scott was really cool. He is a cancer survivor, so he works with people that have cancer. He had his toe nails painted purple which symbolizes the fight against cancer. It looked funny! :D
So we eventually left. We traveled from there, all the way to another tiny town called Holbrook. By the way, most of the time we don't even know what time it is, because of all the time changing. We just spent the night one night there, then left early this morning for Petrified Forest and Painted Desert National Park. The petrified part doesn't sound too inviting, but it was awesome. First, we drove through the Painted Desert. It was breathtaking! You honestly have to go there to really enjoy it. Everything looks much smaller in pictures than it is in real life. After riding around and taking pictures for a while, we got to the Petrified Forest. It was weird! In a good way. There were tons of different colors in the logs. We finished off at the Visitors Center there. They are VERY careful to make sure everyone knows never to take rocks or

wood or anything from the park. There was a little display of a few apology letters from people that had taken stuff. Some of them were really funny! One was from a little kid. It stared, "Dear petrified forest, I'm sorry I took a rock..." And so on. :) One guy said that he'd been cursed by taking it. And the last one I'm going to mention, was written by a nun on behalf of someone that had taken something. It was SO funny! I don't think it was meant to be though...she was talking about how it is almost impossible to control the rebellious youth of our day and I think there was something about them going to heck and the word repenting was mixed in with it. So we left there for our hotel we are at now. But we made a little stop on our way at the Mecca of the modern world for Eagles' fans (and who isn't an Eagles fan?? dad adds), Winslow, Arizona.

Mom and dad got all hyped up about one tiny little corner, because it was mentioned in an Eagles song, "Well I'm standin' on a corner in Winslow, AZ; such a fine sight to see...". And if you know my parents, you should know about their little...obsession. We then drove to the hotel we're at now. Whoa sorry I wrote a lot, but there was just so much we want you to know about! We'll be getting up before 6 tomorrow, since we only have 1 day in the Grand Canyon. =D That's because we are heading to Hurricane, UT the next day to see the Barnums! Aaron is getting his cast off today so we should be able to see him play ball.

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